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Record breaking Honda Civic Type R

Civic Type R Smashes Lap Records at Five Tracks

Volkswagen might have recently stolen the FWD crown at the Nűrburgring with its Golf GTI Clubsport S, but Honda hasn’t taken it lying down. In a cross-continent campaign that began in April, the Civic Type R has...

MX5 ltd edition

Mazda Debuts New MX-5s at Goodwood

Mazda has a long list of special edition versions of its MX-5 over the years. Staying true to form, latest special edition of the MX-5 – the ‘Icon’ – will make its public debut at...


That Escalated Quickly…

After getting beaten on the drag strip during his first day of ownership, Anthony’s R32 GT-R wasn’t going to be staying standard for long. The years that followed have resulted in possibly the most powerful road-going Australian Skyline we’ve ever seen


FD3S Mazda RX-7 – Curves to Die For

Some people have been disappointed after buying their dream car, but we meet a man who is living an enhanced reality after taking the plunge with an FD3S Mazda RX-7.

Photos by:  Steve Hall

Three Iconic Honda NSXs

The NSX Type R is arguably the most iconic car to come out of Japan, but what makes it so special? We put Torque GTs example up against a UK-spec NA1 and NA2 to find...

Lexus Hoverboard

Great Scott! Lexus makes hoverboard a reality

The strangest news from a car manufacturer this month comes not in the form of a car, but a Back to the Future-style hoverboard, which Lexus believes it has finally made a reality. Part of...

Japspeed 370Z

Team Japspeed’s Nissan 370Z Teaser

We were granted unrestricted access to Shane Lynch’s all-new supercharged V8-powered drift car. You can read all about it in the August issue of Banzai Magazine right now!

Check out this teaser video to whet your appetite for the full documentary, released Monday 20 July.

Integra 1

Darren Chisholm: Honda Integra Type R

Darren’s DC5 certainly isn’t the most modified example of the hot coupé we’ve slapped eyes upon. What makes his car especially interesting to us, though, is the way he’s managed to beautifully photograph it!