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RX-9 Rumoured to Make Production

We saw the gorgeous concept car at the Geneva motor show earlier this year, and we’ve all heard the rumours that we could be seeing a return of a rotary powered sports car from Mazda...


All Systems go for JAE

Can you believe we’re entering the latter part of the 2016 show season already? Fear not, though, as some of the country’s best shows are just around the corner, including one of our personal faves:...

S14 3

Josh Pillinger: Nissan 200SX

Here’s a story that proves hard work can get you places. Apprentice Josh started this project with just a Zenki (pre-facelift) S14 bare shell to his name. “I then bought a crashed donor S14A off...


Honda NSX – Anyone got a spare £140k?

Honda has finally released full details of the NSX which is due to hit the European market in autumn this year. Significantly, the price has been revealed: If you want an NSX you’ll have to shell...

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Japfest Rock! highlights video

Last weekend’s Japfest Rock! event at the Rockingham Motor Speedway drew almost 1,000 cars and over 7,000 punters. Have a look at Banzai’s highlights video.


Toyota creates GT86 Initial D Replica

In 2012 Toyota, Subaru and Scion released the GT86, BRZ and FR-S. All the cars were virtually the same except for badge and name variants. Today, Toyota released a replica model of the GT86, based on...