BBR Releases ‘Super 175’ Performance Package for 1.8 NC MX-5s

Mazda tuning specialist, BBR, has announced a new package of performance upgrades for the Mk3 (NC) Mazda MX-5. Called ‘Super 175’, the naturally aspirated kit enables the lower powered (as standard) 1.8-litre engine achieve a heady 175hp and 143 lb ft of torque.

BBR has applied the knowledge gained from its 26 years of working on the MX-5, specifically its ‘Super 200’ upgrades, to enable the smaller capacity 1.8-litre NC car to achieve these significant power increases. As with any BBR upgrade, the Super 175 kit is a ‘bolt on’ to the standard power unit and is centred on improving the engine’s breathing. BBR has developed new camshaft profiles with unique lift and timing specifications designed to maximise both the spread of power and peak bhp. In conjunction with a 4-into-1 tubular stainless steel exhaust manifold and extensive in-house engine management system recalibration, the BBR ‘Super 175’ package delivers significant power gains from just 3,000rpm, exceeding standard power and torque outputs at every point in the rev range to maximise everyday driveability.


On BBR’s dyno the ‘Super 175’ 1.8 MX-5 produced 143 lb ft of torque (15 lb ft more than standard) peaking at the same engine speed (4,750 rpm) as the stock motor. Maximum power is boosted to a genuine 175hp at 7,300 rpm, a remarkable tested gain of 39hp. These gains translate well to the real world too, with that additional torque and outright power offering better performance in ever-day driving conditions, whether in town or on a back-road blast.


The rationale behind the Super 175 package was simple: such has the demand been for the NC 2-litre ‘Super 200’ package that applying the same technology to the smaller capacity engine was a no-brainer. In fact the engine developed the additional 39hp easily once the modifications were applied. BBR’s Managing Director, Neil McKay said; “Given the relatively high weight of the NC variants of the MX-5, these cars need as much help as they can get to satisfy the needs of the performance enthusiast, but with a priority on retaining everyday driveability from a smaller capacity engine. It’s great that we have achieved these twin goals by utilising our long experience of working on Mazda’s engines and extracting more power from them with no detriment to emissions or insurance.”

The Super 175 kit is available for £1,995 when installed by BBR (on a drive-in, drive-out basis) or £1,595 for a DIY version (excluding the PorEcu hard/software). The full package includes:

  • High flow BBR panel air filter
  • BBR stainless steel 4 into 1 exhaust manifold
  • BBR high performance intake and exhaust camshafts
  • BBR 3.5 inch diameter branded tailpipes with stainless steel clamps
  • BBR ECU remap
  • BBR badges for front wings and bootlid

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