BBR Tuning Packages Bring over 200hp to the MX-5

BBR are no strangers to tinkering with the Mazda MX-5 having been the first tuning company to develop a manufacturer-approved turbo kit for the original 1989 car. Since then they have continued this work with an array of modifications, elevating the world’s best-selling sports car’s performance to a level that was more in line with its chassis’ ample capabilities.

Now, BBR has developed a bolt-on kit for the latest ND version of the MX-5 which, in ultimate form, offers up to 214bhp from the 2-litre model. The latest BBR revisions build on the popular Super 190 upgrade but stretch the Skyactiv-G engine even further without resorting to forced induction with its Super 200 kit.

About the Super 200 kit

BBR reckons that whilst out the box the MX-5 produces a healthy 160bhp, the engine’s unwillingness to rev holds it back. It has done this through several key modifications. The intake is now billet steel, the exhaust cams have been altered and valves given upgraded springs and retainers. The exhaust manifold is now a 4-into-1 affair and to further help breathing, a cold air induction kit has been installed. Finalising the upgrades is BBR’s renowned StarChip ECU software package that offers revised fuel, ignition and cam timing across the rev range.


The result of this is stark; peak power is 205bhp which comes in at 6,950rpm, while torque is up 26lb ft to 179lb ft at 4,950rpm – and moreover, there is 30lb ft extra at 3,000rpm meaning a far more tractive drive in the mid-range. Performance, naturally, is improved with Super 200-equipped MX-5s able to hit 60 in just 5.65 seconds. Including fitment, the Super 200 kit costs £2795, and a DIY version is also available for £2195.


Super 200+

For those wanting to take things a little bit further, the Super 200+ kit should do the trick. A TIG welded stainless exhaust centre section (£495) along with 2.5 inch BBR silencers (£395) brings power up to 214bhp. An additional 16bhp can be found from the 2-litre engine if owners opt for a gasflowed cylinder head (price on application), bringing the potential total power to 225bhp.


Chassis Modifications

BBR doesn’t just offer power mods. Its range of chassis upgrades ensure the MX-5 can put the power to use. Sports suspension consists of Koni adjustable dampers with wound BBR lowering springs which at £995 fitted and laser aligned or £695 for a DIY kit looks good value. A front and rear anti roll bar kit, jointly developed by BBR and Eibach reduces the body roll that some commentators have pointed out as excessive and at £312.25 is a cheap upgrade for any ND MX-5 owner. Finally, a Willwood four-pot front brake upgrade (£695 fitted or £595 DIY) ensures that shaving off speed is more efficient than ever.

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