Electric NSX gets third place up Pikes Peak

On the 26th of June some of the world’s craziest cars raced up one of the most historic strips of Tarmac in history.

One of the fastest cars up the hill was Honda’s fully electric NSX, sporting 4 wheel electric power, a huge wing and a great paint job. It was one of the fastest cars on the hill and made no noise whilst doing it.

NSX-Inspired EV Concept Ready to ‘Charge Up’ Pikes Peak

NSX-Inspired EV Concept Ready to ‘Charge Up’ Pikes Peak

In 2011 the course was made fully Tarmac (before then it was half Tarmac, half gravel). The course is an almighty 12.45 miles and is a challenge for the best of car and driver. Both cars and bikes can drive up the course so it gives a good variation of different types of motorsport.

The NSX team had been tuning the car at the hill for seven weeks prior to the event so the car was ready to try and set a new lap record. The car finished third overall so it’s a big step for electric racing. The NSX did the climb in a total of 9:06:15 with the fastest time of the day being 8:15:445.

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