EXCLUSIVE: New Honda NSX Performance Tested!



If you’ve been keeping a close eye on the new NSX, you might well have noticed that Honda has chosen not to quote any acceleration figures. It seems it’s up to the owner to find out just how potent their new supercar is. Whilst Banzai magazine do not own an example of Honda’s latest and greatest yet, we were one of the first lucky few to get behind the wheel of the car at the European press launch in Portugal this week.

With a day of track testing and road driving planned (you can read our full review in the September issue), we were also eager to seize the opportunity and actually performance-test what the car could do. So, armed with our own GPS-based VBOX and an empty Estoril Race Circuit, we engaged launch control and found out…

The figures that came back were impressive; 0-60mph took 3.2 seconds and 100mph arrived in 7.3 seconds. The 50-70mph time of just 1.5 seconds reflected just how punchy it is on the move. The car actually felt even quicker than the figures suggest, but with a full tank of fuel, a passenger on board and a 36 degree Celsius outside temperature, we’re sure the NSX could post quicker times in more suited conditions.

Read the full review of the new NSX in the September issue of Banzai, the UK’s best-selling Japanese tuning magazine.


0-60mph – 3.2 seconds
0-100mph – 7.3 seconds
50-70mph – 1.5 seconds

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