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Sam Preston | EP3 Honda Civic Type R

(Photos: Tom Lynch) Winter for the more fortunate car enthusiasts amongst us means it’s time to whip out the sealed-atmosphere, temperature controlled cocoons and once again hide their pride and joys away in the garage...

Josh Pillinger: Nissan 200SX

Here’s a story that proves hard work can get you places. Apprentice Josh started this project with just a Zenki (pre-facelift) S14 bare shell to his name. “I then bought a crashed donor S14A off...

That Escalated Quickly…

After getting beaten on the drag strip during his first day of ownership, Anthony’s R32 GT-R wasn’t going to be staying standard for long. The years that followed have resulted in possibly the most powerful road-going Australian Skyline we’ve ever seen

Darren Chisholm: Honda Integra Type R

Darren’s DC5 certainly isn’t the most modified example of the hot coupé we’ve slapped eyes upon. What makes his car especially interesting to us, though, is the way he’s managed to beautifully photograph it!

Steve Walton: Honda Accord Euro R

For those not familiar with the specs of the Japanese-only CL7-shape Accord Euro R, to put it briefly, the car basically has a DC5 Integra Type R running gear in an Accord shell.