GT-R reaches Mt Everest Base Camp on epic voyage

Everyone knows that the R35 Nissan GT-R broke new ground and reached new heights when it was released back in 2007. But we didn’t think for a second these ‘new heights’ would come as literally as in the case of Singapore resident Kah Chuan Hoong’s recent adventure.


Because based on his Facebook photo diary, it seems the proud Godzilla owner has this week completed an epic voyage all the way to Mount Everest’s infamous Base Camp – covering thousands of miles and gaining over 5000 metres of altitude in the process.

Incredibly, modifications appear to be limited to a slightly raised ride height and a cut-away front bumper for extra clearance, which makes the tale that little bit more legendary, as most owners of these Japanese supercars would think twice before taking on even a cattle grid.


Now the GT-R has trekked its way across Nepal, with some epic pictures obtained in the process, Kah says he’s taking the ‘relaxing’ scenic route home via Thailand, China and Malaysia, due back to Singapore in mid-November.

Stay tuned on Kah’s photo album for the latest on this unbelievable voyage…

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