Journalist Bins New Honda NSX – Blames Bee

It’s a situation many of us have been in during our driving careers. You’re going along, minding your own business when all of a sudden something appears in through an open window or out of an air vent. Immediately you go from being in a sea of calm to “What the fudge is that?! Get it off me!”.

Now more often than not this results in nothing more than a little bit of in-car thrashing and some swearing. Maybe a little swerve at the worst. Unfortunately for one Taiwanese motoring journalist, the sudden appearance of a bee in the new Honda NSX he was testing caused a rather stronger reaction: a crash.

[Brad] NSX chassis 0000 -The accident occurred during a test drive on the Wang Kung Temple Provincial Highway in Taiwan. The driver has told the Taiwan News, he got stung by a bee, and thats why he crashed…… mmmhmmmmm….

Posted by Downshift on Monday, 3 October 2016

According to the original post on the Downshift Facebook page, the unnamed journo was taking a pre-production NSX out for a spin down the Wang Kung Temple Provincial Highway when a bee entered the car through the driver’s window. If that wasn’t enough, said insect went on to sting him, causing him to veer across the highway and into a concrete barrier.


Judging by the photos and video that have emerged, the car most certainly isn’t a write-off with some damage to the front and offside, as well as a cabin full of used airbags. Either way, Honda aren’t likely to be all that impressed that their flagship hybrid supercar has already been broken!

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