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Banzai December 2016 Issue

Two very capable but very different Honda Civics take the cover of the December issue of Banzai. First up, there’s The Turbo Shop’s heavily boosted SOHC fourth-generation screamer, which has proven itself on both the...

Three Iconic Honda NSXs

The NSX Type R is arguably the most iconic car to come out of Japan, but what makes it so special? We put Torque GTs example up against a UK-spec NA1 and NA2 to find...

Team Japspeed’s Nissan 370Z Teaser

We were granted unrestricted access to Shane Lynch’s all-new supercharged V8-powered drift car. You can read all about it in the August issue of Banzai Magazine right now!

Check out this teaser video to whet your appetite for the full documentary, released Monday 20 July.