Litchfield GT-R intercooler

Litchfield 1When it comes to GT-R tuning, Litchfield isn’t known to do things by half measures. You may be familiar with its infamous ‘Dominator’ intercooler, for example, which is undeniably one of the best performers on the market.

The Dominator does require some cutting to the bodywork, however, which left the company with an influx of requests from GT-R owners for a similar product which fitted in the stock intercooler location.

Litchfield 2The result is this beauty – a hand-finished monster which promises to improve turbo performance significantly without having to cut away at your car. During the R&D stage, Litchfield took five rival intercoolers and made sure its offering was better in every single way.

Drop the guys a line for some more information, but this certainly looks like a bargain to us!

Price: £1194.00


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