Nissan Shows Off its 2017 GT500 GT-R

Go on, tell us in all honesty that you don’t want to get behind the wheel of Nissan’s 2017 GT500 GT-R… Revealed at the Twin Ring Motegi earlier this month, this motorsport-bred version of Godzilla has got more wings than a well-known energy drink.


What you wouldn’t guess by looking at it is that next year’s GT500 season cars are actually required to produce 25% less downforce than the existing cars. Oh, and the 3.8-litre V6 lump doesn’t lurk under that heavily sculpted bonnet; all the power (rumoured to be c.650hp) comes directly from a 2-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged engine. Nissan reckons that it has managed to lower the centre of gravity – to just below the track surface we’d imagine – in order to help compensate for the reduction in downforce. Speaking of downforce, that rear wing is around 1.9 metres wide and none of the carbon elements bolted apparently haphazardly to the car is there for show.


Nissan’s success in GT500 is unquestionable having won the 2014 and 2015 seasons, and coming very close to the ultimately victorious Lexus RC F in 2016. And the battle will continue into 2017 and Lexus has already shown off its equally bewinged LC which it’s entering next season.


Perhaps not quite as aggressive as the GT-R, it still cuts a pretty extreme pose. But neither can compete with the GT500 version of the new Honda NSX.


Low-slung and in a mixture of carbon and black, the NSX is equally as powerful as its rivals but with a bodyline that is so well resolved, yet so aggressive it looks like it could win the championship standing still. It’s basically a stealth fighter, but you’d see it from the front with those five LED headlights giving it the effect of a cold stare.


The Super GT GT500 series takes place across eight rounds at famous Japanese circuits including Fuji, Suzuka and Motegi. It also holds exhibition races abroad from time-to-time. We’d love to see it in the UK…

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