Oddball: Nissan’s Infiniti G35 GT-R

It’s intriguing to look back to pre-2007 before the R35 GT-R came out and wonder how Nissan developed such a monstrously capable car. Clearly, alongside the styling that we all know and most of us love, there is the powertrain – torque-vectoring four-wheel-drive and a twin-blown V6 combining to give the GT-R its incredible performance.

Well in a story run on the Autoweek website, it would appear that Nissan may have decided to hide the R35’s innards in plain sight by draping the body of an Infiniti G35 over the top. As you can see in the pictures, the R35’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo fits very snugly into the similarly-proportioned Infiniti – so much so that you’d be fooled into believing that the car was totally stock.


Credit: Autoweek

The only thing that really gives away the beating heart beneath the relatively conservative skin is the quad tail pipe arrangement.


Credit: Autoweek

It looks to us like this car’s situated in Japan in what looks like a car dealership, though whether or not it really is a development mule you’ll have to decide for yourself. It could be as it’s the right age, and assuming it was the G35x, it would’ve had space for the ATTESA 4WD system that could be replaced by the GT-R’s running gear. But it does seem odd that, if the car was being developed in Japan, Nissan would have used a left hand drive model. Still, it’d be nice to think that this wolf in sheep’s clothing is fully road legal!


Credit: Autoweek

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