Revised 2017 Toyota GT86 Now in Showrooms

Toyota’s acclaimed GT86 sports car has received a light overhaul for the 2017 model which has just hit showrooms across the UK. Unfortunately, while there are improvements throughout the car, it still lacks the extra 100hp that we wish it had!

Continuing in its mantra as being a ‘driver’s car’, the 2017 GT86 has been sharpened up across the board with chief designer, Tetsuya Tada declaring that they’ve “remade everything” on the car. The headline is the stronger, stiffer chassis – an area of the car that was never in much need of improvement in the first place. To this end, Toyota has tuned the various electronic stability programs to create a new “track” mode which also includes the option to turn all of the electronic interference off putting the car solely in the driver’s hands. The GT86’s track mode was apparently developed using data gathered from the car’s racing exploits at the Nurburging.


Chassis quality has also come under close scrutiny with improvements to the car’s responsiveness – on and off acceleration, turning in and turning out, and the speed and naturalness of its reactions. This has partly come from modifying the Showa dampers and springs, but the biggest point of influence has been in aerodynamics and the way this affects the suspension.

The aerodynamic improvements can be seen in the car’s styling changes – new features that are not just about looking good, but which have a specific dynamic purpose. This even includes the new “teeth” featured along the bottom edge of the lower grille in the redesigned nose section, which help smooth the airflow. There is also a new, deeper rear bumper design and aero-stabilising fins have been introduced on the side of the car.

Inside has also been given the once-over to improve the cockpit quality and equipment. Chief among these is a new steering wheel which is smaller and – with added controls – puts more of the GT86’s functions at the driver’s fingertips. A new 4.2-inch TFT information display is included in the instrument binnacle and has a switchable menu that provides readout for power and torque curves, a stopwatch and a G-force monitor.


As with the previous car, the GT86 comes in standard form and ‘Pro’ trim, the latter of which offers up a few extra goodies. Both are available in manual or auto. For our money, though, you can’t beat the standard manual car and to sweeten the deal, it’s the cheapest of the bunch!

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