RX-9 Rumoured to Make Production

We saw the gorgeous concept car at the Geneva motor show earlier this year, and we’ve all heard the rumours that we could be seeing a return of a rotary powered sports car from Mazda in the coming years, and this month, the Japanese press have been spreading even more gossip about the RX-Vision concept car to keep us excited.

According to the Japanese Holiday Auto news website, Mazda is poised to unveil a production version of the car we can only imagine will be named the RX-9 at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, with the possibility of previewing the pre-production model as early as next year. The car will eventually become available to buy in 2020, it says.


The website claims the car will sport a 1600cc, twin-rotor Wankel rotary engine, complete with a turbocharger, to offer up something in the region of 400bhp, which will be transported to the rear wheels.

If these rumours do materialise to be true, it sounds like we could have another fantastic Japanese sports car to play with within a matter of years!
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