Small Enhancements for the 2017 Subrau BRZ

Just as Toyota has done with its GT86, Subrau has made some mild tweaks to the 2017 version of the GT86’s sister car, the BRZ. Exterior, interior, engine, suspension and driving experience have all been breathed upon to add incremental improvements to the Japanese manufacturer’s sports coupe.


At the front of the car there are some obvious revisions in that although the look of the car remains broadly the same, it now sits lower and wider. According to Subaru this isn’t just for show, with a stepped accent on the bumper that modifies the airflow into the air intake for more efficient power delivery. Full LED headlights are a Subaru first and at the back the lights are also more aggressive in their design. A new pedestal spoiler improves downforce and overall aerodynamic performance.


Inside, Subaru has concentrated on improving the driver’s experience behind the wheel. Chiefly, a 4.2-inch LCD multi-information display has been added to the instrument panel enabling the driver to choose between; G-meter, steering angle and brake force gauge, lap timer and live power/torque curves. The steering wheel is now smaller and grippier, making for a more connected feeling with the car’s already well-rated chassis.


Speaking of the chassis, Subaru has redesigned the dampers to reduce body roll and vibration from the road, improving the overall precision of the car’s handling. A ‘Track’ mode alters the car’s stability system and throttle response to create a more track-focussed driving experience, whilst also consolidating the modes available from five, down to four. Changes to the engine are minimal, and largely designed around increasing efficiency rather than power. The cylinder block’s strength has been increased, the valve stems have been buffed and polished, the camshaft is lower friction and the weight of the rocker arms has been reduced. While no extra power is quoted, lower friction and weight should increase responsiveness. Of course if you want more power, there are numerous bolt-on supercharger kits available including those from the likes of Litchfield and Jackson Racing

The 2017 Subaru BRZ will be available from spring in SE Lux trim only with either a manual or automatic transmission.

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