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Oddball: Nissan’s Infiniti G35 GT-R

It’s intriguing to look back to pre-2007 before the R35 GT-R came out and wonder how Nissan developed such a monstrously capable car. Clearly, alongside the styling that we all know and most of us...

That Escalated Quickly…

After getting beaten on the drag strip during his first day of ownership, Anthony’s R32 GT-R wasn’t going to be staying standard for long. The years that followed have resulted in possibly the most powerful road-going Australian Skyline we’ve ever seen

Litchfield Charity Dyno Day

Gloucestershire based super-tuner Litchfield threw open its doors last weekend to invite many of its Nissan GT-R clients over for a charity dyno and open day – with WTCC star (and Litchfield’s very own development driver) Rob Huff on hand to host proceedings.

Slurp it Up

The stock suction pipes for the R35 GT-R’s two turbochargers are 45mm in diameter.

Desktop Drifting

It’s a major problem for the majority of car enthusiasts – not being able to afford a Nissan GT-R. Thankfully, the guys at Auto Regalia have picked up on this issue by offering a scaled-down version of the super coupe, in the form of a wireless computer mouse!