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Oddball: Nissan’s Infiniti G35 GT-R

It’s intriguing to look back to pre-2007 before the R35 GT-R came out and wonder how Nissan developed such a monstrously capable car. Clearly, alongside the styling that we all know and most of us...

Nissan GT Academy Race Camp Kicks off at Silverstone

Thirty-six of the world’s top motor racing gamers will this week descend on Silverstone to begin competing for the GT Academy crown. Six entrants from Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, North Africa (Algeria, Egypt & Morocco), Thailand...

Forge Action Day Returns to Castle Combe

The Forge Action Day has rapidly become a must-visit feature of the Banzai calendar. Despite its modest age, now in its sixth year, it brings together a large number of people from all scenes –...

Team Japspeed’s Nissan 370Z Teaser

We were granted unrestricted access to Shane Lynch’s all-new supercharged V8-powered drift car. You can read all about it in the August issue of Banzai Magazine right now!

Check out this teaser video to whet your appetite for the full documentary, released Monday 20 July.

Japspeed R200 diff bushes

Here’s one for the serious drifters who own a Nissan with an R200 differential fitted (S14-shaped Silvias and newer; R33-shaped Skylines and newer) – polyurethane front and rear diff bushes from our friends over at Japspeed.