Trax 2016 – Japanese Cars Represented in Big Numbers

This year’s Trax was the biggest and most varied in the history of the show. Sprawled across Silverstone, it was a vast array of modified cars from across the spectrum of brands, clubs and scenes.

There was a great vibe throughout the day; even the intermittent rain couldn’t put a dampener on the enthusiasm of the owners and show goers who’d made the trip to Silverstone, many arriving at first light. If you’ve not been to Trax before one of the things that you’ll quickly understand is the vastness of the show. It takes up a large proportion of the in-field area of the circuit and (as we did) you can easily lose most of the day looking at the show cars, talking to owners, browsing the many supplier stands or watching the on-track action.


As you might expect a pretty good proportion of the cars attending were from the Japanese camp with everything from a modified K10 Micra up to 1,000bhp+ Supras. On our stand we had the privilege of displaying Nick Simmons’ Evo VI as featured in the August issue, and Matt Davison’s Civic which produces 520hp from its turbo’d 1.6-litre engine.


There was the usual array of stanced cars including several Civics on hydraulics, 350Zs, MX-5s and even a Suzuki Carry. Of particular note was a time-attack style Honda Accord Type R, a fairly well-known car on the Jap scene. Sitting low on gold centred BBS rims the car wears a full aero kit including front carbon winglets and a rear spoiler/diffuser combination to make the most of its near-300hp.


Taking the R33 Skyline in a new direction was an R33 Skyline which had been converted into a flat-bed pickup. Converted in 2010 and running a lightly modified RB35 DET pushing around 400hp, it was certainly an attention grabber.


Then there was this pair in the Car Culture Collection area; a really tidy 1971 Nissan Skyline GT-R and a 1972 Datsun 240Z running a RB20 DET. Both cars were utterly stunning, especially when set against a raft of modern, heavily modified metal. We approve!


Away from the static displays there was track action throughout the day. Despite the intermittent rain, stars from the British Drifting Championship plied their craft through the Brooklans/Luffield complex, coating the site in a haze of tyre smoke. There was also plenty of opportunity for visitors to get on track in ‘run what you brung’ sessions around the National Circuit.


Overall, Tax 2016 was a real success, chocked full of everything you want from a car show; a huge variety of vehicles including some of the best modified cars in the UK, entertaining on-track action and plenty of suppliers. We can’t wait to come back next year!


Check out our gallery below.


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